Storytelling is important to me. I feel that crafting and telling stories in the API space is important to the space, and I want to do my part.

There are several key ways that I tell stories in the space, thus several areas to track and and ask questions in.


  • How many blog posts did I write? - 383 total in 2012
    • API Evangelist - 245
    • API Voice - 40
    • Hack Weekends - 32
    • Kin Lane - 61
  • How many long form stories did I write? - 2
  • How many books did I write? - 0
  • How much public speaking did I do?
  • How many page views did I get on blog(s)?
    • API Evangelist - 287,606
    • API Voice - 25,742
    • Hack Weekends - 13,961
    • Kin Lane - 14,694
  • How many unique visitors did I get on blog(s)?
    • API Evangelist - 178,652
    • API Voice - 21,012
    • Hack Weekends - 7,784
    • Kin Lane - 9,257


  • None

Since my blogs run on my own proprietary blog platform, I can easily pull the number of blog posts I wrote directly from the database. It would be nice to have an API or single place to query and get this information.

With public speaking, there is usually some profile and bio page availabile. And I guess I could use Lanyrd for this?

To pull page views and unique visitors from my blog(s) I can use Google Analytics, so I just need to write a script to do that from my accounts.

Overall, much of this is still manual. I will have to work on automation.

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